Homestay Systems - Setup Rental Amount

A price period for a specific Unit defines how much it costs to rent that Unit for that period. You need to set up all your price periods for each Unit. Each price period has a From (arrival) date, a To (departure) date, and a Price. If you offer rentals by the day, you need to setup prices for every day. If you offer rentals by the week, you need to setup prices for every week. It's not as difficult as it sounds.

For example:

Notice that normally, one price period ends on the same date that another begins. On your "changeover days", one guest will check out in the morning, and another will arrive later the same day.

Having individual price records for every bookable period means that pricing is completely flexible. You can set different prices for every day of the year, if you wish. The system will also handle completely irregular pricing periods, for example any combination of weekends and individual days.

Each price period can be published or unpublished. If you unpublish a price, its entry disappears from the front-end price table. An unpublished price results in that period being "unbookable" on the front end. But an unpublished price can still be used to price a booking in the back end. Price periods cannot overlap for the same Unit.

Prices are held in the system gross, i.e. inclusive of tax. These are the prices your customers actually pay.

Setting Up Prices

You can set up multiple price periods in one go, as long as the price for each period is the same. 

Example 1: Daily pricing from the 25th March until the 10th April at $50 per day.

  • Go to Prices and click on New
  • Tick the published check box
  • Enter a start date of 25th March and an end date of 10th April
  • Set the Days per Period to be 1 (i.e. each price period only contains one day)
  • Set the price to be $50 (this is the price per period)
  • Click Apply

The system will create 17 price records, each for 1 day at $50.

Example 2: Weekly pricing from 10th April until the 4th September at $250 per week

  • Go to Prices and click on New
  • Tick the published check box
  • Enter a start date of 10th April and an end date of 4th September
  • Set the Days per Period to be 7 (i.e. each price period is for an entire week)
  • Set the price to be $250
  • Click Apply

The system will create 21 price records, each for 7 days at $250. If you are setting up a lot of price periods, use the Apply button after entering the details for each range.

The system will flip the end date to the start date, ready for the next date range.


Various levels of discounts can be configured for multi-period bookings. But you might not need to offer discounts for very popular periods. So each individual price period can be flagged as "discountable" or "not discountable". Setting this flag does not actually set the discount - you do that in Configuration - Discounts. This flag simply controls whether the price period is eligible to be discounted or not.

You can change a single price period from discountable to non-discountable or vice-versa by clicking on the icon. You can change a selection by checking the row checkboxes and using the toolbar icons.