Homestay Systems - Enquiries

Enquiries are created when your website visitors use the enquiry form created by a the system Enquiry menu item. This presents a form similar to a normal contact form, but as well as sending you an email, it also makes an entry into the system's database.

Configuring the form on the front end is described later. Here we are only concerned with the back end.

Here’s the Enquiries List:

As well as the usual filters and sorting options, this screen has buttons to mark an enquiry as actioned or not actioned, and to convert an enquiry into a booking.

If you convert an enquiry to a booking, the data is transferred to the booking screen, but the booking is not automatically saved. You probably want to enter some more details, and then you must save it. Once an enquiry has been converted to a booking, the enquiry remains on the Manage Enquiries list, and shows a link to the booking in the last column of the list.

You can click on an enquiry to edit it. The only field you can change is the message details field. You can always delete any enquiry, even if it has been converted to a booking.