Homestay Systems - FREE

A reservation system installed on your website for free.

Own a website to rent out your...

  • extra room, apartment, condo or house on a daily, weekly
    or any short-term basis and sell your
  • services eg. fetch your guest to/ from the airport, become
    a part-time city guide or rent out your extra bike or car

    ... and accept credit cards online through Paypal


Getting started

It's easy to get started enjoying your days. Knowing some of the basics will help.

Extra income

Selling unwanted items lying around your house? How about renting out that extra room? Well, if you live in a mature township with hotel rooms costing above $250 per night, chances are that extra room may be let out from $70 to $100 per night.

What about that extra 3 bedroom apartment you are netting about $900 per month? What if you can rent it out at $300 per day for that whole place? That will be approximately $9,000 per month. So, why make $900 when you can make up till $9,000 per month - Ten times more!

Even if the occupancy rate is 50%, there is still an income of $4,500 per month. Not bad! How about the other extras? Fetching from/ to airport, rent out your other car, bikes, boat etc? What about making yourself available as a city guide for let's say $500 per day? Cool ya!